TART Turns 8!



The virtual Tart Gallery celebrated 8 years in Secondlife.
It has been a lot of fun and a great way to share pop and lowbrow art around the world.
GIULIO ROSSI ventured in-world to see his works larger than life on the gallery walls.
The exhibition of his show GLOSS is up for the month.

Come visit!
You can download a viewer here
Then make a free account in SL.

Visit Giulio’s website!






7th Anniversary Sale @ Tart Gallery

7th anniversary sale

7th anniversary sale

Hello Tarts!

In celebration of the upcoming Tart Gallery 7th anniversary I am putting up more pop art from previous exhibits. Look for art hanging on the gallery center display.

Burlesque beauties by Emma Mount, fetish art by GERNOT,big eyed gals by Megan Besmirched and marvelous tattooed sirens by Morg.

50% off selected items!

Don’t forget there is more artwork upstairs on the 2nd floor too!

Retro-future pop by ATOMOS, otherworldy cute of MUXXI, vampy dames of NIAGARA and the goddess nudes of Christine Karas.